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Transform Your Business Communications With Australia’s Best 3CX Hosting Deal
As a business owner, finding the right telephony systems for both internal and external communications is a central ingredient in the recipe for success. You need an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution that can satisfy your immediate and ongoing needs. Binary Elements is the answer.

Our 3CX cloud PBX packages have helped hundreds of businesses save time, money and hassle while simultaneously facilitating better communication for employees and clients alike.

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Why Upgrade To 3CX Cloud PBX & Unlimited VoIP

If your business is still persisting with outdated traditional telephone systems, now is the time to embrace the power of VoIP through a dedicated 3cx cloud PBX infrastructure with Binary Elements.
Some of the reasons to upgrade include;
3CX hosting and cloud PBX solutions are the most powerful telephony systems on the market while they also have the ability to evolve alongside changing landscapes. When combined with the no maintenance and increased security facilities, it’s no wonder businesses across Australia and beyond are turning on to the benefits of unlimited VoIP.

Find The Perfect Solution With Binary Elements

Here at Binary Elements, we don’t only understand VoIP and cloud technology. We also understand you. That’s why we’re more than happy to guide you through the process of finding the right setup for your business needs. With no licence fee, no hosting fee, and pricing call trunks that fit your needs, we deliver optimal value for money.

But if you think you can find a better price elsewhere - we’ll match it!
Your team Simultaneous Calls Price incl GST
Small team up to 8 4 $99.00
10 to 20 staff, or multi campaign inbound 8 $169.00
Great for up to 30 staff, or multi businesses into one. 16 $319.00
Mid size company up to 40 staff 24 $499.00
HQ + Multisite company up to 60 staff 32 $699.00
Large location staff multi calls up to 100 staff. 48 $999.00
Enterprise staff multisite, multi campaign and calls up to 120 staff. 64 $1,599.00
* All package includes phone support up to 3 hours per month. Extra support charged at $150.00 per hour.
* Any software configuration will incur professional services charged at $150.00 per hour.
* All unlimited VOIP trunks include local/national and mobile calls in Australia. International calls charged separately. Calls to 13/1300 numbers charged at $0.30 per call. 1800 calls are free.
* Number porting will incur charges as follows. 13/1300/1800 numbers charged as follows.

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Other charges

Porting charges, Number charges (normal, mobile, 13/1300/1800) 
Number Type Price incl GST
03/02/07/08 $0.88/number
1300/1800 $21.99/month
04 mobile $15.99/month
13 *Please contact us.
Porting Type Price incl GST
1-5 $88.00
6-100 $129.00
1300/1800 $129.00
1300/1800 Activation $88.00
13 *Please contact us.
Streamline communication with 3CX VoIP system.