Critical Information Summary for VOIP Services

Information about our VOIP services
Binary Elements provides services related to VOIP - voice over IP to make and receive phone calls.

Minimum Term
1 Month

What's Included
Voip Unlimited - all outbound calls are on a unlimited voip call plan covering Australian local/national and mobile calls untimed. International calls will be charged seperately. Calls to 13/1300 numbers are charged at $0.35 per call untimed. Charges monthly are $39.95/month ex GST unless otherwise stated.

Hosted Cloud PBX - we provide 3CX hosted cloud PBX platform as a digital platform for PBX functions. Prices are determined by number of licenses required.

Phone numbers - Land line numbers are charged per number at $0.80/number per month. Mobile numbers are charged at $12.95/number per month. 13/1300/1800 numbers are charged at $20.00/number per month. Vanity numbers are charged per number on an annual basis when received from ACMA. Please refer to ACMA website for further charges and subscription information.

13/1300/1800 number inbound charges - charged at $0.06/min

Customer Service
If you have any questions regarding your charges, please contact us at 03 9020 7900 or at

*all prices ex GST