BE Voice Apps

Welcome to BE Voice Apps, where we redefine the capabilities of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Our innovative apps seamlessly integrate with your legacy databases, payment gateways, and other essential systems, delivering efficient and personalized customer interactions.

With BE Voice Apps, you can harness the power of voice technology to provide your customers with intuitive and user-friendly experiences. Whether it's retrieving account information, processing payments, or accessing personalized services, it'll definitely streamline the customer journey and enhance satisfaction.

With BE Voice Apps, you can harness the power of voice technology to provide your customers with intuitive and user-friendly experiences.

BEINC App: Revolutionizing Campaign Management, Surveys, and Contact Centers

BEINC App is a powerful app designed to streamline your campaign management, survey processes, and contact center operations. With our innovative solution, you can effortlessly create and manage campaigns, conduct surveys, gather valuable information, and efficiently run your contact center operations, all in one comprehensive platform.

"Empower your communication with BE Voice Apps."

Manage Campaigns with Ease: BE In Contact provides a user-friendly interface to create, track, and optimize your campaigns. Our app simplifies the process, allowing you to effectively reach your desired goals and objectives.

"Empower your communication with BE Voice Apps."

Call from Web Browser: Easy calling from web browser from anywhere in the world. No network issues or setup involved. Just add the agent and off you go!

"Empower your communication with BE Voice Apps."

Conduct Surveys and Gather Insights: With BE In Contact, conducting surveys has never been easier. Create any amount of customized surveys and collect valuable feedback from your target audience. Gain deep insights into customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and market trends, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

"Empower your communication with BE Voice Apps."

Easy call flow routes: With Easy Call Flow Routes, we offer a streamlined solution for designing and managing call routes with utmost ease. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly create and optimize call routing strategies, ensuring efficient handling of incoming calls.

"Empower your communication with BE Voice Apps."

Efficient Contact Center Operations: Our app offers robust contact center capabilities, enabling you to efficiently handle customer interactions. Manage incoming calls, route them to the appropriate agent groups, improve customer service and satisfaction with prompt and personalized responses.

No lag no voice issues: Experience lag-free and clear voice communication globally with our network of voice points of presence. Eliminate voice issues and ensure exceptional call quality for your agents, no matter where they are located. Enhance productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and enable seamless collaboration with our reliable infrastructure. Trust in our global voice points of presence to deliver unparalleled communication experiences for your business.

Seamless Integration and Automation: BE In Contact can be integrated seamlessly with your existing systems and databases, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Automation features streamline processes, saving time and increasing productivity.

Any country any number: With our capability to provision all types of numbers from almost any country, we can tie it to BEINC app.

Experience the Power of BEINC App: Unlock the potential of campaign management, surveys, and contact center operations with our feature-rich app. Stay connected with your customers, gain valuable insights, and optimize your business strategies. Join us as we redefine how you engage with your audience and elevate your contact center operations with BEINC App.